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Unravelling Calendar

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For all the idle hands of the world – this Calendar Scarf by Patrick Frey is so tempting, so satisfying. Each day you get to pull & unravel just a little bit of the year.

And it works. I found the calender installed in a friend’s office. See that sticky note in the background? This is what it says – if this calendar does not belong to you, please don’t unravel it. A sign of good invitation & incentive to participate is when you have to remind people of their manners!

If you ever had trouble remembering to flip the date on your calendar – this satisfying little action is enough incentive to keep you going. Imagine the satisfaction of coming back to work from a weekend and getting to pull three days worth of string… YES! You want to do it!

Maybe not quite as satisfying – what you have at the end? Maybe Patrick could take donations for recycling, or start a flickr page for creative crafts to do with a great big pile of string.

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