What is Good Participation?

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When we talk about participation, it doesn’t always mean the same thing. Participation will start with different reasons for asking, different objectives, varying audiences. There are lots of types perfectly good kinds of participation, from participants’ doing what you hoped they would, to being transformed. Defining what makes it good depends on the goal. This list helps illustrate the range of participant impact.

We can say participation is good when participants…

Are interested


• Do something they would not have normally done
• Know what they are doing
• Do what you want them to


• Have agency, a power to change
• Get creative with what you offer
• Build on what you are doing


• Feel like they own a piece of the piece
• Feel they are making a significant contribution
• Feel like co-authors
• Respect what you do

Share and remember…

• Spread the word around
• Want to do the same, try to replicate after
• Never forget about it


• Contribute to a whole
• Do the same thing at the same time
• Share, help, teach each other

Are transformed…

• Change their perception change their routine
• Feel part of a community (virtual or physical)
• Feel a need is fulfilled
• Gain new skills

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CONCERT-URBAIN September 7, 2011 at 5:28 am

getting kids to participate with their mobile phones, expressing themselves on social issues.

http://www.tour-a-tour.org (espace débat)


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