About us

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Good Participation is an initiative of Kelsey Snook and Melissa Mongiat.

We work to create interactive, meaningful and engaging experiences. Our approach is based on creating great stories, designing experiences to tell those stories, with a careful plan for getting people to engage and participate.

We believe that in order to design for good participation, key steps should be taken and key issues considered. We’ve started a list of those issues over here. And of course this blog is a growing library of examples from the real world to illustrate what we mean.

This project began in 2006, as an investigation of our practice – when we get a project right, when the client walks away happy, when audiences love the experience, when the right messages are driven home, when people spread the word and come back for more – what makes it a success? We’ve called the general principle of that success ‘Good Participation’ and this website continues to help us define and support that practice.

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