The Tool For Armchair Activists by Troïka

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This interactive installation features a megaphone that reads out loud SMS messages, in a computerized voice. Political engagement made easy.

The storytelling around the project takes the public on a surreal, post-apocalyptic journey, where a deserted protest site is inhabited by a possessed megaphone.

The installation raises questions about political engagement, and how technology has been designed to make our lives easier – quote from the project website: “Designed to be strapped to lampposts in front of prominent buildings like the house of parliament, or other institutional buildings in front of which many protests occur ‘The Tool For Armchair Activists’ brings the voice of the people to The Man, all from the comfort of your living room.”

Like any SMS based interactive, its success relies on people sending in content. Here, protest posters that invited people to send their message where displayed all around the site.

Fairly simple technology is used as part of a well laid-out experience scenario. The simple and straightforward experience created is easy to grasp and to engage into. The fact that participants keep their anonymity makes the interaction accessible and playful, while underlining a critique of our ‘comfortable’ digital times.

The first presentation of the Tool for Armchair Activists was presented in the context of the MTV European Music Awards, giving a more lighthearted direction to the content published.

More information on the Troïka website (where these pictures are from).

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