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Narrative Environments Workshop 01

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Workshop with MA Creative Practice for Narrative Environments 2nd year students at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London 9 December, 2009.

A series of workshops exploring good participation. The aim is to support designers and organisations to have better conversations about engagement and ultimately, help provide a framework to create successful participation again and again. What is Good Participation? These are student examples of when they experienced good participation, and what qualities made it good.

what it was:
an iphone application for manipulating sounds -
why it was good:
surprising, fun, visually pleasing, audibly pleasing, changes over time, feel part of a (virtual) community

what it was:
artistic project which rebuilt an allotment in Hackney -
why it was good:
respect for memory, what it did was very clear (people know from understanding of last time it was there), gave back identity to participants, filled a need for the community.

what it was:
laser dome game
why it was good:
people instinctively knew what it was, people did things they wouldn’t normally do, like: perform, be silly, they shared a common experience and it broke down social barriers.

what it was:
the good participation workshop
why it is good:
participants: decided to stay, consciously agree to follow instructions, understand what they are doing, individuals try to improve the quality of the group, try to replicate after

what it was:
theatre play in which the actors turned the audience into performers
why it was good:
people became actors in their own play, they were willing to change their role, participants had a strong reaction, good or bad

what it was:
an artistic installation with audio headsets. Participants moved around the space and when they hit a virtual wall, the headset beeped to let them know the virtual limitations of the space.
why it was good:
it changes your perception of what you see & feel

what it was:
Purple World at Cadbury’s. It was an interactive screen with raining chocolate. People didn’t always know how it worked. People who saw it first would then teach newcomers.
why it was good:
Participants cooperated and helped each other, participants taught others, makes a fantasy come true

what it is:
music concerts (in general)
why they are good:
it’s both a personal and collective experience, intense, participants pay attention, you own the moment, it’s your own experience of the song.

what it was:
community project which let people in a local area got to a web page and log their upcoming travel plans with starting point and end destination. People could then plan ahead to share rides.
why it was good:
it changes participant routine, what participants do has a bigger effect on their environment, participants do something they wouldn’t normally do

what it was:
Silent Disco on Carnaby Street, with headphones with different channels.
why it was good:
it was free to anyone, sharing an experience with strangers, build on each other’s energy.

what it was:
Fuerza Bruta performance – In part of the performance, women in very little clothing begin to crawl on the surface of the transparent ceiling. The ceiling descends to a distance very close to participants’ heads. Participants feel compelled to touch the ceiling but there is an obvious tension in touching the ceiling while also appearing to touch the semi-nude women. An announcer asks the audience to please respect the women.
why it was good:
it was not really participation but extreme engagement – engaging because of the qualities of the environment, it was so curious, tempting, shocking.

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