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Every institution has a tone of voice, a personality it presents to visitors. In this case the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark – reached via a short train ride from Copenhagen, in the village of Humlebaek – the tone is open.

On arrival, it feels like walking up to someone’s house – well, that’s because it is a house. One previously owned by Alexander Brun who happened to have had three wives over his lifetime, all by the name of Louise… and that’s how we arrive at Louisiana.

The house serves as a welcoming entry point and opens up to a sprawling building with loads of airy spaces and corridors to explore. Windows everywhere, it’s full of light and vistas onto the surrounding sculpture gardens. And then there are the terraces which open directly to water – the Øresund straight, off the Baltic Sea.

Photo credit: João Leitão

This oasis is the setting for consumption of an excellent permanent collection and rotating exhibitions of modern art. It’s a must-do Danish destination.

But the best, most lovely part – is when you stumble upon the Children’s Wing. It doesn’t feel exclusively like a children’s space, it feels open to those who want to create. This creative space is allowed to get dirty and visitors leave their creative tracks behind.

Permanent tinkering space – the lego area.

Activity rooms are transformed by curatorial themes, where visitors can explore creative methods connected to the art seen in current shows. In this case it’s Brassai, his distinct black and white imagery, made simple by letting visitors have free reign manipulating images with a photocopier machine.

Binders show the breadth of past creative activities.

Surfaces are covered- trash bins, sinks, windows show layers of heavy use.

The roaming activity cart can set up shop anywhere in the museum.

In addition to the creative magic oozing out of the Children’s wing, there’s one more magical treat – Louisiana is also home to a concert hall which hosts a regular programme of top notch music. In warmer seasons, you’ll be treated to performances outdoor on the terraces looking out on the water.

Photo credit: Peter Fristedt

Check out their site to find out more, and visit!

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