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Rocket ride to heaven

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This is just fantastic.
Heavens Above Fireworks (see link here) offers funeral arrangements, cremation services and ashes scattering services. Ultimately the company offers what they call “A happier way to say goodbye.” Heavens Above will create spectacular firework displays and also offer to create smaller, self fired fireworks rockets or other celebration fireworks with ashes for clients who do not want a display and who just want a few rockets to fire themselves.

What an excellent way of dealing with a difficult task – the permanence of death – turning it around completely and making it fun. Read the article, the family say it themselves – it’s about celebration of life. Company owner Fergus Jamieson says, “Fireworks are a metaphor – they are sparkling and over in a second, just like our lives on earth.”

Link to a video:

Also of interest, they offer memorial space flights! check those out here

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